Vogue #005/01

The cover star of the summer issue of Vogue Adria is none else than the greatest of them all, Novak Đoković. Our new issue is inspired by the greatest sports competition in the world and dedicated to sports as an eternal inspiration and an integral part of life. From a major interview with the world’s tennis superstar, to discussions on women in sports and the inequality within, to tribute to the Sarajevo Olympic Games through conversations with Selma Zukić Popović, the costume designer, Jože Trobec, the creator of the legendary mascot Vučko, and the story of the Sarajevo Snowflake and its mysterious author. In addition to sports, Ugo Gattoni, Marina Marković, and Matija Čop talk about their art and vision, while the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, and the official choreographer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, Thomas Jolly, share insights about everything the world will see this year in Paris. Let the games begin!


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