Vogue #004

The young star of the global modeling scene, Amelia Gray, is on the cover of the fourth issue of Vogue Adria, and our new issue, as the cover itself announces, celebrates summer and with it the sea and water as the ultimate element that allows us to better understand ourselves and others, to be more fluid and adaptable, to understand the connectedness and our role in polluting but also solving the problems of planet Earth. From the Adriatic comes the sound of the Mediterranean in the rhythm of the Velvet Festival, but also three special sea stories about literature and art, fishing from a female perspective, and very special underwater wineries. With Erika Lust, the director of ethical and feminist porn films, we talked about women’s pleasure and empowerment, Vice Tomašević reminds us how the Water Manifesto should sound and why water is so important, Astrida Neimanis writes about what does hydrofeminism mean, Tina Lončar writes about materials of the future, waste reduction, and Hungry Sharks reveal to us what underwater theater looks like.


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